Inspiring Hope
Meeting Challenges When All Feels Lost

The program consists of:

  • 60 days of daily messages to inspire Hope and to support your Personal Fulfillment.
  • These messages will be contain personal declarations, new intriguing information, and inspirational commentary.

All for the very affordable price of $29.95
for 2 months and 60 informational messages of support

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Program Features:

• 60 Days of Support
• A Comprehensive, Revolutionary Approach to Today’s Challenges

Program Promises:

• Direct Impact on Feelings of Overwhelm
• Improves Mental and Emotional Clarity
• Improves Personal Relationships
• Grows Feelings of Wellness
• Welcomes Hope!

Here is How this Program Benefits You

1. Provides you with personal support every day for 60 days. Your support comes to you via daily emails.

2. Emails are informational, inspirational, completely original and supportive.

3. Feelings of overwhelm can fill your mind, emotional and spiritual palettes. When you grow your Hopefulness, you clear your mind to brainstorm and problem solve.

4. Hope gives you the inner strength to pursue your answers when you feel lost.

5. With Hope, haunting negative emotions are relegated to the back of your life – and the natural state of Joy can fill you!

6. Hope deepens your understanding of life’s challenges and you grow spiritually.

7. Being more Hopeful improves your personal relationships because when you are more Joyful, you are more patient, understanding and loving – and everything improves – your relationships with others and yourself!

8. When you feel good, you want to share what you know with those you care about. This program teaches you how to be a Messenger of Hope –

9...and makes you a part of a Global Wave of Hope.

60 Days/60 Support Messages for the Hope Filled life
Only $29.95

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The 5 Essential Values
When life appears to be at its worst, you are being challenged to develop certain aspects of your character that may be absent or sleeping. There is always Hope that you will find resolution and Inner Peace. You will, though, have to initiate the move towards that resolution. Developing your relationship to the 5 Essential Values will assist you with your goals.

                                             1)  Integrity

                                             2)  Courage

                                             3)  Flexibility

                                             4)  Dedication

                                             5)  Compassion

These will be defined and exemplified in practical situations in the program. The spiritual implications of their use in your life will also be reviewed. In addition, vibrational energy explanations will be shared that can assist you in making the Essential Values manifest in your life through a meditative process.

The 5 Vital Challenges
The Divine speaks in all challenges. It is for you to listen for the voice that guides you with Wisdom and Love.

These are the issues of personal loss studied which will be managed with the 5 Essential Values:

1) Expectations or Dreams Dashed
This first area of study considers the loss of a job, injury, illness, discovering a Truth about an expectation that derails your intentions – or any challenge that radically changes the trajectory of your life. The focus is on coping, wise decision making, and living true to self.

2)  Surviving a Broken Heart
When a relationship breaks down or dissolves your life come to a halt until you process your feelings. It is after this that you will be able to think clearly and self-discover who you have become as a result of losing the relationship.

3)  Loss of a Loved One
This loss could be due to a death or to addiction. Dealing with your grief and feelings of powerlessness over what has happened is always the first step in managing this type of tragedy, but actually discovering the Divinity behind the loss will be your salvation. 

4)  Breakdown in Well-Being
This category deals with the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual breakdown of self, a life partner, child, spouse, parent or friend.

5)  Facing Failure
Properly reviewed you will understand why failure is inevitable. You will probably fail one day or have failed at something already. In this program, you will study how to make failure a stepping stone inviting you to meet your challenges and to make another choice.

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This program is from the Spiritual Healthcare Network.