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Develop knowledge and coping skills
that serve today’s wisdom driven seekers

5 Essential Values Developed
Coping skills are developed through the study of Integrity, Courage, Flexibility, Dedication
and Compassion

5 Vital Challenges Met Head On
utilizing the Essential Values
Personal issues of loss studied:
dreams or expectations dashed, a broken Heart, the loss of a Loved one to addiction or death,
health crisis, and feelings of failure

Make 2011 a year
to be Hope Full...
and make it year when you become
a Messenger of Hope
for those you Love

Build a deeper understanding of What Is

The program consists of:

  • 60 days of daily messages to inspire Hope and to support your Personal Fulfillment.
  • These messages will be contain personal declarations, new intriguing information, and inspirational commentary.

All for the very affordable price of $29.95
for 2 months and
60 days/60 informational messages of support


Aspiring to an attitude of Hopefulness
is a spiritual choice,
one that supports joy, resolution and wellness.

It is the first step that an individual can take to assure their part in the unfolding of the best possible outcome for their own lives…
and for the global community.

Because we are a part of the sacred global community, our interconnectedness allows our actions to be felt by those closest to us and then inevitably to be felt by the All.

Choosing to be Hopeful
can assure the unfolding
of the best possible outcomes in your life.

Anticipate Hope
and effectively turn your focus towards Hope.
Be Hopeful…Inspire Hope.

Hope is a catalyst for redirected focus
that shifts attention towards resolution.

Hope is a multi-colored grid structure
that holds dreams and prayers aloft
until they become manifest in the physical.

Hope turns your face to the sun when depression has you in darkness. It changes you biochemically triggering the chemicals and hormones that make you happier, calmer, and physically stronger. Your emotional state improves, your thoughts are clearer, and your immune system begins to support optimal wellness.


A special note:

I want to make sure to let you know that I am deeply concerned if you are suffering a personal crisis. Please pursue professional support if you are not able to cope effectively. This program is not meant to substitute for or discourage professional support for an emotional or mental condition. The “Inspiring Hope” program works in conjunction with all types of therapy.


This program was designed by       
Reverend Corinne S. Ramage
to meet today’s  unique challenges 

Inspiring Hope
Meeting Challenges When All Feels Lost
online program - 60 days/60 support messages
Free Introductory
"Meditation for Hope"

and "Hope Is"
an inspirational reading

Considering Global Hope

There are times when it may be difficult to feel Hopeful. Although there are examples worldwide of people and organizations doing admirable service, there are also continuing examples of political upheaval and persecution against humanity.

Each era of human history seems to carry its own burdens, and as of this writing, we are witnessing a crisis in health care, religious unrest, environmental issues, and contamination in the production of our food. Additionally, there is strong evidence of a breakdown in the family structure, and on-going problems within the pharmaceutical industry. 

We have seemingly been used as guinea pigs to test many new medicines that are withdrawn from the market after people have dire reactions. We are radically confused by shifting nutritional recommendations. Children fall victim to toys and baby paraphernalia that should never have been allowed to be marketed. Some children get the medication and care they need while others, even in wealthy countries, are born into poverty, and suffer or die for lack of proper care, medicines and food.

Globally we have become fractured and uncooperative. We disagree about human rights, the price of oil, the production of alternative fuels, and the validity of governments formed by military coup. We don’t share our discoveries. We guard our secrets and withhold them for economic reasons.

There are fantastic discoveries and powerful movements to address issues such as world hunger, global warming, sustainability, human rights, and the health concerns of the world’s children; but, in this often uncooperative, fractured world not all that can be done is done. We may attempt to get involved ourselves to make a difference then find that our help or donation was misinterpreted or misused. Feeling small, insignificant, duped and unsafe, we retreat into indifference.

There are many individuals, philanthropists, scientists, environmentalists, and politicians attempting to right the wrongs, but their efforts can be easily shadowed by the greater travesty of global neglect, selfishness and greed.

What You Can Do

For many of us our Trust has been challenged, and our Faith in the world community to make choices that serve the many, has been compromised. We can feel unprotected and unseen by the government sworn to protect our well-being.

This is why it is more important than ever to get involved by maintaining a ground of Hope in your life. Focus on the best of human potential. Immerse yourself in the study and energy of Hope, and hold the choice to be Hopeful up high!

The more you learn about living Hopefully,
the better able you are to make a difference
and to shift the tide of expectation.

If it feels right, set your responsibility as an individual to inspire Hope. Set the tone for change. Without being ignorant of the facts or dismissive of What Is, focus on the best possible outcome or the highest good.

Hope redirects you towards
the best possible outcome
in any situation
and encourages the altruistic option.

You can have a part in future resolution because intention is a very powerful motivator.

There is a tipping point when prevailing opinion is heard and becomes manifest in lawful changes and political directives.

Turn your intention towards Hope
and become a part of a global wave
of Hopefulness
and change the direction of the tide
of What Is…
for yourself,
those you Love,
and the global community.